New Patient Chiropractic Consultaton

1. Consultation + Examination
Dr Xander van der Walt DC will conduct a thorough consultation to establish the cause of your pain or symptoms. The examination will include, but not limited to: Chiropractic, Orthopaedic, Neurologic tests, and Digital posture analysis. A review of your lifestyle factors and medical history will be discussed. The consultation and examination enable to establish a clear diagnosis and a personalised care plan (if relevant, which is discussed on your report of findings visit). 
Based on your consultation and examination findings, Dr Xander may advise having X-rays taken. X-rays are charged at £45 (any number of X-rays).
2. Report Of Findings
The starting point of your health journey is understanding what is causing your pain or symptoms, and how any health issues and your lifestyle may be contributing to it.
Dr Xander will review the results of your examination, your posture analysis report, your X-ray findings (if applicable), what is causing your pain or symptoms, and recommend a personalised care plan, with the expected healing / recovery time frame.
3. New Patient Health Care Class
The first step in achieving the best from your care, understanding the benefits and effectiveness of Chiropractic, and achieving better health, we advise all new patients attend our new patient health care class.
Chiropractic Consultation


For all three appointments


Any number of X-Rays


Chiropractic Adjustment

Pay as you go


Session 1: Initial Consultation & Examination
Session 2: Report of Findings


Includes session 1 and session 2

Session 1: Assessment

Session 2: Results

We also offer payment plans.